About The Star Orthodontics Smile Program

The Star Orthodontics Smile Program is a charitable non-profit organization that provides orthodontic care to individuals who may not otherwise have the opportunity to acquire assistance.

More about the Smile Program

The Star Orthodontics Smile Program aims to reach individuals with financial challenges, special situations, and orthodontic needs.

The Star Orthodontics Smile Program sponsors the orthodontic care for patients each year.

Our Mission

At the Star Orthodontics Smile Program, it is our mission to create self confidence, inspire hope, and change the lives of children in our community in a dramatic way. The gift of a smile can do all this for a deserving, underserved individual who, in turn, can use this gift to better themselves and our community.

Who Qualifies

To become a candidate, please see our Guidelines and complete the full Star Orthodontics Smile Program Application, available below.

Application & Questions

If you have any questions, please e-mail us. Applications will be reviewed twice a year at the board meetings and those chosen to receive a scholarship will be contacted.

Please note that neither Dr. Dickens nor the ortho team chooses the recipients. They have only committed to providing the orthodontic services to the selected candidates. The recipients are chosen by an independent Board of Directors, who in no way provide any bias or influence toward the candidates who are chosen. Applications will be reviewed quarterly, and the ones chosen will be contacted by the Star Orthodontics Team upon selection by the Board of Directors.